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Internet Radio the New Paradigm
Bill Martin
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Internet Radio the New Paradigm

We can thank Guglielmo Marconi for radio. It seems like we have enjoyed broadcasting forever, but in truth it is relatively modern. Marconi, an Italian inventor, shared the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics with Karl Ferdinand for their work in wireless telegraphy. It wasn't long before waves were carrying radio signals through the air to receivers around the world. The age of radio was golden.

With the march of time and technology came television, often trumpeted as the radio killer. Yet, seventy or so years later, TV and radio co-exist. In fact, radio re-invented itself a number of times, think short wave, AM, FM, and satellite, each time facing the dire end of life warnings.

Today's warnings declare the end of radio again, though this time taking television along with it. The threat this time is the internet. The pitch goes this way... the internet reaches all the world while radio is limited to the reach of its transmitter power. Why take a small peace of the pie when you can have it all. The answer is, nobody can eat it all.

Six Rivers Radio

Bill Martin Broadcasting is not a newcomer to the medium. With years of traditional radio experience, BMb knows how to make the transition. 

We understand the secret of the medium's staying power. Radio succeeds not because it can reach the world, but because it can serve its community. If you just want music, today's iPhone is a jukebox in your pocket. Radio already endured that challenge with the ubiquitous Walkman, followed by the iPod.

While people may love their music, they still want to connect with what's happening around them. We call that news, and there is no substitute for local news.

Six Rivers Radio (SRR) will offer music, 24/7, but we will also commit to local news, community events, and public affairs. While the major conglomerates may buyout the lucrative commercial markets for advertising, they have little or no interest in the small markets. We cannot compete with them in the cities, but they won't even try in our community.

Radio is Just the Start

If the internet facilitates local radio, it really shines with local television. SRTV commits to serving our region with video. Will we have a TV station with all the trimmings? No, but we will bring you video in the form of live broadcasts, recorded programs, and special features. We already have videos on Six Rivers News, but there will be much more as we develop our services and partnerships with local businesses and talented creative artists from our region.

Welcome to the new world of communications. Thank you Marconi for your vision, and thank you radio for your staying power. Six Rivers Radio and TV will keep that vision alive.

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