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New Church Seeks New Community Ideas
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New Church Seeks New Community Ideas

The new Hope Centre Community Church in Pugwash held a community meeting last night to explore ways of sharing the building with the community.

The gathering opened with a discussion to define the meaning of community and resolved that community means a lot of different things and that people are part of numerous communities or bubbles, often interconnected.

It was agreed that the church was just one of those communities and the building should be available to others, like seniors, women’s or men’s groups, youth, teens, or kids, service organizations, recreation, and the usual parties and receptions.

The Community Church, across the street from the Farmers’ Market, will open each Saturday morning to offer a cooling and comfort station for market goers and pets on those hot days of summer.

The church itself, kind of a replant, is going back to the original roots of the Christian movement, doing away with a lot of the old traditions and man made rules that have tended to detract from the important one-on-one relationship building.

In its beginning, church was not only about community, it was built by the community and was always intended to reflect the nature and the needs of the community.

Another public meeting will be held with interested groups or people wanting to share the space and the facilities.

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