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Nova Scotia Truly Open to All
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Nova Scotia Truly Open to All

Nova Scotia is in the midst of a dramatic shift in the way people access goods, services, and daily needs. With a commitment to an “accessible Nova Scotia” by 2030, the province is beginning to establish new standards.

The Minister for the Accessibility Act has invited interested citizens to help establish those new standards by joining the Goods and Services Standard Development Committee.

Brad Johns says, “The goal is to implement a standard to prevent and remove barriers to the delivery and receipt of goods and services.”

The committee will assist the Accessibility Advisory Board with making recommendations on the content and implementation for equitable access.

Current barriers to access include:

  • stereotypes and assumptions about people with disabilities
  • physical barriers to delivering and receiving goods and services
  • inaccessible websites or signs

Applicants may include people with disabilities; representatives of organizations representing people with disabilities; or representatives of organizations likely to be affected by the standard, including businesses, universities, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations.

The Province's accessibility strategy, Access by Design 2030, outlines how the government hopes to achieve an accessible province. For more information on the goal, go to

The application form and more information about the Goods and Services Standards Development Committee is available at:

The deadline for applications is December 4.

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