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Pugwash Considers Auxiliary Fire Service
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Pugwash Considers Auxiliary Fire Service

The Pugwash Fire Department is taking steps to enhance community service during times of crisis.

Experience during the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona showed the department needed to improve facilities to provide comforts or shelter during sustained power outages.

While most fire departments are expected to offer services to the public, the reality is that very few are equipped for the task.

Pugwash is improving its emergency power generator to ensure more consistent service.

The department also hopes to establish an auxiliary to help the public in times of need. A few people volunteered during Fiona to cook and serve hot meals while firefighters were responding to calls.

Some of those people want to help again and a meeting will be held at the firehall next Tuesday to discuss a permanent auxiliary. The meeting at 6:45 is open to all who want to help.

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