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The "Eve Eve" Service is the Real Deal
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The "Eve Eve" Service is the Real Deal

Now a long standing tradition, people are still confused over the “Christmas Eve Eve Service” in Pugwash.

It is not a typo, the Hope Centre Community Church will host a Christmas Eve Service, but they hold it the day before everyone else.

The idea was born many years ago when members of the then Pugwash Baptist Church decided to avoid the conflict with most other churches by gathering on the evening before.

It wasn’t a question of competition but rather a recognition of community. Most members of the church are from communities outside Pugwash, stretching from Malagash to Amherst Shore. They wanted to attend Christmas Eve services in their home communities but also wanted to keep the unique service in their home church.

Something had to move and the annual “Eve Eve” service was born.

This year’s service, on Friday at 6:45, will have surprise musical guests, Pastor Bill’s traditional special for kids, and an extra special rendition of Silent Night by all who attend.

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