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Evolving Radio Program Delays Morning Start
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Evolving Radio Program Delays Morning Start

Morning Talk on the Six Rivers Radio Network is moving to a new time effective Monday, January 17th.

The move for the popular music/talk show is prompted by two reasons—one simple logic and the other more personal for the host.

Traditional radio has long promoted morning programs as the most listened to offerings on radio thanks to what is described as “drive time” because of the urban practice of listening to radio during commute to and from work.

However, Six Rivers Radio is not traditional, it is delivered via the internet and, with the exception of the newest cars, is not generally available to commuter listening.

Morning Talk started out as a broadcast at 7:00 am but soon after switched to the 8:00 am start. The host, Bill Martin (shown in the photo), says that change was not enough. A further one hour move will actually open the program to a larger listening base, including those commuters who will be able to tune in from office computers and mobile devices connected to WiFi.

Martin says it will also make more people available for interviews. He said, “We have learned that people are rushing between 8 and 9 in the morning. By moving the program to a 9:00 o’clock start, subjects will be settled and more receptive to a telephone interview.”

Martin also confessed to a personal element to the move. He said he could use a little more sleep. To be on the air for eight requires a much earlier start to gather the news, weather, sports, and other features of the localized show. “Given my near full-time commitment to ministry and continued volunteer service to the fire department, Village Commission, and other community service, I admit that I am often quite tired. I think it will be good for my health to get a little more sleep.”

Morning Talk will continue to be a live program Monday through Friday from 9 to 11 am. It will also continue to be recorded with repeat broadcasts each day at 2 and 8 pm on the Six Rivers All Hit station.

The Six Rivers Radio Network combines three distinctly different genres of music, all delivered through the internet and easily reached by computer or mobile device—what many regard as the future of radio already here today.

The three stations include Six Rivers All hit Radio, Six Rivers Country, and Hope Centre Christian Radio. All three are offered 24/7.

The network is owned and operated by the not-for-profit Six Rivers Hope Centre Ministries and all hosts and contributors are entirely volunteer.

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