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Conservatives Propose "Blue Seal" for Pros
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Conservatives Propose "Blue Seal" for Pros

The federal Conservatives want to create a “Blue Seal”national standard for professionals.

The proposed standard would cover doctors and nurses across the country, along with foreign trained professionals who can pass the standards test.

It follows the Red Seal model for regulated trades, a plan adopted by every province. 

While the Blue Seal cannot be forced upon the provinces, the Conservatives believe the success of the Red Seal certification will be equally adopted across Canada.

The plan was announced yesterday at a press conference in Ottawa.

Party Leader Pierre Poilievre says there are more than 53 thousand foreign trained doctors and nurses in Canada who are not employed in their professions. He says if they could pass the Blue Seal test, they should be working in healthcare.

Notice of the weekend press conference said Poilievre would be joined by the MP for Cumberland-Colchester, but Dr. Stephen Ellis was not quoted following the event.

Dr. Ellis will be on Morning Talk tomorrow — live on Six Rivers Radio at 9:45 — to discuss this and other concerns.

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