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County Approves Noise Bylaw Exemption
Bill Martin
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County Approves Noise Bylaw Exemption


A complaint about late night noise caused the Municipality of Cumberland to review its noise bylaw. However, the result may not please the complainants.

The complaint centred on noise during overnight snow removal, a fact that county council thinks is unavoidable.

The bylaw prohibited disturbing noise between midnight and 6:00 AM. 

In reviewing bylaws from across the province, Cumberland found that most municipalities also prohibited noise during the same timeframe.

However, they made an exception for snow removal.

Council agreed that clearing roads and parking lots to keep schools and other services open was more important to the greater community good.

Mayor Murray Scott told the radio audience on Morning Talk, this morning, “It is absolutely a necessity to get the roads cleared as early as possible for the morning, for school buses, emergency vehicles, and people going to work.”

Council did change the bylaw by adding an exception to the current regulation, to allow certain activities, including overnight snow clearing, by the Municipality and other government services.

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