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Fear and Resignation at Pugwash Police Meet
Bill Martin
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Fear and Resignation at Pugwash Police Meet

“We sold our house at a loss and moved to Cumberland to be safe and now we don’t feel safe.” That was one view expressed yesterday at the public meeting in Pugwash. The woman, who lives on the outskirts of the village, told the Cumberland Policing Review that she had been robbed and felt there was little the police could or did do to give her any sense of security.

Nearly forty attended the Pugwash gathering, the third in a series of five public meetings seeking community input on what people want in police services.

A note of fear and stories of long delays in police response have been a common theme. For some, it is the apparent inaction of police investigations, while others worry that they never hear any follow-up or report of arrests, charges, or convictions.

Another common theme has emerged, that people are afraid to report to police for fear of reprisals.

It has become clear from the first two meetings —in Parrsboro and Springhill— that people have grievances with the current level of service and emergency response times. However, the sessions will emphasise the future not the past.

One man came prepared with his own stats, comparing the rural size of Cumberland with the Town of Amherst. He said the town covers twelve square kilometres with 24 police officers. Cumberland covers just over 4, 250 square kilometres with 27 police.

There was agreement that a higher presence of police on the streets would be a good deterrent. However, people seemed to understand that resources are already in short supply and adequate staffing may be simply too expensive.

Two more meetings remain —September 26 at the E.D. Fullerton Municipal Building in Upper Nappan and September 27 at the River Hebert Community Centre.

The photo shows the meeting facilitator (at the back) sharing a microphone with one of those who spoke at the Pugwash meeting.

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