Friday, December 1, 2023

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Four for One and One for All
Bill Martin
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Four for One and One for All

Cumberland County is soon to have a single organization looking out for the interests and providing services to the business community.

Four local groups — the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and its counterparts in Springhill, the Six Rivers Chamber (formerly Pugwash) and the Parrsboro Board of Trade — will give up their charters to become the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce.

The groups, with roots going back more than 100 years, will unite as a modern and dynamic organization, aligned with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, to represent local businesses with governments at all levels, while providing benefits and services exclusively for its members.

The current president of the Amherst and Area Chamber says they are working through the process of dotting and crossing the ‘Is and Ts’ to make the change. Bill Dowe added that the group has hosted events in Springhill and Amherst in recent months with programs involving local leaders and in one case, the Member of Parliament.

Another localised event is set for Tuesday (March 28) in Pugwash when the new library will host a brunch and discussion of the role of the C of C and what it can mean for the county.

The program runs from 10 to 11:30 am and registration is free.

Click HERE to register or send an email to the C of C Executive Director, Ron Furlong, at

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