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Governments Bail Out Cumberland Library Service
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Governments Bail Out Cumberland Library Service

The three municipal units in Cumberland County have joined forces to restore services at the Cumberland Public Libraries.

The library service announced earlier this year that a budget squeeze would lead to staff cuts and reduced service times and it wasn’t long before hours were reduced and familiar faces went missing.

In a joint statement, the three mayors announced that Amherst, Oxford, and Cumberland had boosted their funding for this year so the libraries could restore all previously provided services.

Collectively, they contributed one-time bridge funding of $67,335, while the Province added an additional $37,700, bringing the total to more than $105 thousand.

The library group was also required to dip into its reserve fund to provide a further $55, 000 toward the cause.

The bridge funding was given on the condition that the recently reduced services be fully restored. 

They also agreed to review finances, operations and services with recommendations for improvements in sustainability due by September 30.

Public response to the reduced hours was deeply critical, especially in recently upgraded facilities, and more so in Pugwash which was just beginning to enjoy the brand new building. 

A recurring rumour developed that said the province caused the service reduction when it cut funding to the libraries. However, there was no reduction in funding, and Natural Resources Minister, Tory Rushton said the government had actually boosted library funding right across the province.

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