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Local NDP Candidate Has an Eye to the Future
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Local NDP Candidate Has an Eye to the Future

The federal NDP candidate in Cumberland-Colchester barely qualifies to run but he is a serious candidate who carries a burden for an entire generation.

Daniel Osborne of Amherst turned 18 just in time to run in the September 20 federal election. If elected, he would be the youngest Member of Parliament in the history of Canada.

Osborne says, “I'm thrilled at the idea of getting to work on issues that matter to me and my community. Issues such as climate change, the pandemic recovery, and infrastructure—because our current leadership just isn't cutting it.”

Despite his youth, he is no stranger to politics. He has been an active member of the Young New Democrats and served on the executive of the local NDP.

The president of the Cumberland-Colchester NDP Association says, “Dan is young, he’s smart, he’s articulate, and he’s passionate about climate change, a green and just recovery from Covid 19, social justice and  reaching out to and supporting indigenous communities, the black community and other marginalized groups.”

A former candidate herself, Wendy Robinson added, “Dan belongs to the generation who will experience the extreme impacts of climate change, which we are already beginning to feel now.” Robinson says, “It is only right and proper that young people have a voice in the decisions that are made now, especially since our generation has been ignoring warnings about global warming for decades.”

Osborne is one of six candidates confirmed in the riding by Elections Canada including the incumbent Liberal, Lenore Zann, Stephen Ellis of the Conservative Party, Jillian Foster of the Green Party, the People’s Party’s Bill Archer, and independent Jody O’Blenis.

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