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MLA/Minister to Address Wentworth Concerns
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MLA/Minister to Address Wentworth Concerns

The Protect Wentworth Valley Committee (PWV) will host another public meeting next weekend to press their concerns about the proposed mega wind project for Higgins Mountain.

The Minister of Natural Resources and the MLA for the area, Tory Rushton, is the special guest. His department is responsible for renewable energy and forestry, two resources normally pitted against each other when proposing such projects.

However, it is the Department of Environment that is evaluating the current round of wind energy proposals and it will be that department that makes the recommendation on which projects might proceed.

The PWV committee is clearly opposed to any project in the Wentworth Valley, citing concerns for unsightly view planes, noise, disruption of public peace, impact on wildlife, tourism, property values, and a major disruption to the forests and community during construction,  among other issues.

The proposal is part of the province’s desire to get free of coal and other carbon fuels in generating electricity. A number of proposals are being evaluated across the province and all are considerably larger than previously attempted in Nova Scotia, with wind turbines that would dwarf anything currently installed on provincial hilltops.

The meeting will be Held Saturday, February 11th from 2:45 to 4:00 pm at the Wentworth Recreation Centre. 

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