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New Springhill School Stalled by Inflation
Bill Martin
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New Springhill School Stalled by Inflation

The Mayor of Cumberland remains confident the province will build a new elementary school in Springhill despite inflationary pressures we have not seen in nearly forty years.

Murray Scott says, “The province has made a commitment to the community and is following through on that promise, even if it’s taking longer than hoped.”

It appears the project has grown about $8 million beyond its original budget but Scott said, “Given today’s environment, with labour issues, supply chain issues and the cost of materials going up, it’s understandable how it’s going to cost more than originally budgeted.”

The county sold the province a parcel of land on Princess Street in December, 2020. A new school was proposed to replace both the West End-Memorial and Junction Road Elementary schools.

Construction was expected to begin this year, but tenders came in over budget, adding an unexpected delay.

The MLA for Cumberland South announced last week the school construction remains a part of the province’s capital plan. Tory Rushton says nobody could have foreseen the the impact of inflation and the province must follow through with its construction programs because the projects are needed.

Rushton says, “I’ve long had the commitment that this school will be built and the issues that we’re facing now will be resolved.”

The mayor gave credit to the MLA for his tenacity, even championing the cause when he was in opposition. Scott said, “There is no questioning the need for the school, adding both elementary schools are showing their age and need to be replaced as soon as possible.”

Rushton hopes to have constructions details soon.

The photo shows the MLA, Tory Rushton —left— discussing the Springhill school with Cumberland Mayor Murray Scott.

The photo below shows the site set aside on Princess Street for the new elementary school.

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