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Power and Water Still Unstable in Oxford
Mark Rushton
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Power and Water Still Unstable in Oxford

Electricity was restored to the downtown core of Oxford earlier today, but is still patchy in other sections of town as Nova Scotia Power crews work through the problem.

However, water supply continues to trouble town officials.

While a final solution awaits, the town set up a “dipping pool” at the Oxford Arena so that folks can fill up buckets to at least flush their toilets. 

Officials had earlier identified a problem with a power outage at well number three. However, the pressure did not rise as it should when the pump was restarted.

The town’s Chief Administrative Officer, Linda Cloney, says crews are working as quickly as possible to restore service. She added that once the crisis is past, the Town plans to meet and share information with Cumberland Emergency Measures Organization staff, first responders, and others to work on improving their collective response and preparedness for natural disasters.

Meanwhile, the comfort station at the Oxford Fire Hall is still serving a worthwhile service. The station will be open Monday from 8 am to 8 pm allowing residents to charge mobile devices, get a hot cup of tea or coffee, among people who care deeply about their community.

The photo shows a Town crew, including former public works supervisor and current councillor Brenton Colburne reviewing the water infrastructure map of Oxford. They are trying to identify the reason why full water pressure isn’t reaching the town.

The photo below shows the “dipping pool” at the arena.

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