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Province Funds Local Doctor Search
Mark Rushton
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Province Funds Local Doctor Search

The provincial government is providing funding to help community organizations recruit and retain healthcare professionals, to the tune of just over $175 thousand dollars in Cumberland County, with Pugwash receiving $25 thousand and change. 

The Municipality of Cumberland and Town of Amherst will each receive $75 thousand.

The grants from the new Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment (OHPR) Community Fund will go toward a promotional campaign to bring in more workers, and will be used for events such as staff recognition and welcoming events to show healthcare professionals how much the community values their presence and their dedication.

The Pugwash Physician Recruitment/Appreciation Committee will manage the funds coming into the village. Committee Chair Bill Martin says "This funding is very important to a rural community like ours, especially with a brand new hospital about to open. It gives us the opportunity to take some matters into our own hands and will help even out the playing field when competing with larger communities for healthcare professionals.”

Cumberland South MLA Tory Rushton says, "We have extremely dedicated volunteers and staff who work everyday to attract healthcare professionals to Cumberland County …. The support from this fund will help them build on their important work and establish new programs to support the retention and recruitment of much-needed doctors and nurses to staff our hospitals and clinics in the county.”

Cumberland County Mayor, Murray Scott, noted, "The Municipality of Cumberland appreciates the support from the Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment. Our community works really hard to attract and retain nurses and physicians. This funding will go a long way to help us achieve our goal of more healthcare professionals for Cumberland County.”

Some 28 groups across the province applied for funding. Others who were selected will be announced in the coming weeks.

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