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Pugwash Builds on Peace Reputation
Bill Martin
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Pugwash Builds on Peace Reputation

Pugwash has two new organisations promoting peace.

While focussed on a topic for which the village is famous, the two approach the subject from totally different perspectives.

A small group of people have established the P.E.A.C.E. Society which stands for Pugwash Empowerment and Enrichment Society. They hope to add to the fabric of the community by holding public events throughout the community, especially in Eaton Park.

Emily Moore told the Pugwash Village Commission tonight the 30-day-old group has an eight member board and they hope to expand quickly and partner with existing community groups like Communities in Bloom, the Farmers Market, and more.

Asked if they were looking for money, one of their members said, “We will always accept money.” However, that was not the goal for tonight.

Meanwhile, another organisation promises to re-introduce the Village to the international stage.

Gordon Johnson announced the opening of Tedx Pugwash, that flows from the world renowned Ted Talks that promote what they call “ideas worth sharing.”

The x in Tedx denotes community, a version of Ted Talks — — tied to specific communities. 

Tedx Pugwash will give the Village a well established platform to promote ideas and issues from our somewhat unique, rural perspective.

Johnson says the first event will be staged June 9th and it may be no surprise the first topic focusses on peace.

It will present nine speakers, including two presenters from Pugwash District High School.

Pugwash is already noted for its commitment to peace. The Pugwash movement founded with the famous Thinkers Retreat hosted by Cyrus Eaton at his cottage on Water Street — now universally known as Thinkers Lodge — spawned Pugwash Canada, Pugwash International, and more.

Just last year, as part of the reunion of ‘Thinkers’ who participated in the more recent retreats on Climate Change and Nuclear Disarmament, Pugwash District High School declared itself a “nuclear free zone.”

While Thinkers Lodge, home to a Nobel Prize for Peace, may have started it all, the Village commitment to peace seems to grow with each generation.

The photo shows the international symbol for Peace which stands proudly in Eaton Park, just a stone's throw from Thinkers Lodge.

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