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Pugwash Raises Taxes Ahead of Budget
Bill Martin
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Pugwash Raises Taxes Ahead of Budget

In an unusual move, the Pugwash Village Commission set its annual property tax rate last night.

What was unusual was the commission has only just started its budget deliberations and has not yet determined its spending needs for the new fiscal year.

The Village Clerk noted the tax rate has been arbitrarily low for a number of years. Lisa Betts added that the village has no funds for capital projects and it has become difficult to properly pay staff.

The clerk recommended a two cent increase on both the residential and commercial rates, a levy that would raise about $20,000.

The commission turned the suggestion into a motion and the measure passed unanimously.

The residential rate is now 37 cents per hundred dollars of assessment, while commercial rate moves to 44 cents. This tax levy is added to the Cumberland Municipality rates and is included in the municipal tax bill.

Meanwhile, the commission has agreed the new Sunset Landing housing development will be exempt from any property tax.

The matter came before last months meeting and the commissioners were concerned that the new Sunset Community’s housing project would open some units to public rental, possibly creating a conflict with other tax paying landlords.

They sought clarification from the province which said Sunset is a not-for-profit society that would qualify for tax exemption.

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