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Six Rivers May Avoid Worst of Fiona Impact
Bill Martin
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Six Rivers May Avoid Worst of Fiona Impact

Friday evening projections for hurricane Fiona suggest the heaviest impact will be east of Six Rivers to the Sea.

While there is always a chance that weather goes where it wants, regardless of our wishes, Environment Canada continues to show the weather system is headed for Cape Breton, even further east than recently thought.

That information suggests our region will only be subject to lesser impact, except, possibly, for a substantial storm surge.

Forecasts for rising tides, driven by the surging waters in the storm, warn of twelve metre tides and waves that are very destructive along Nova Scotia’s coasts, particularly along the Northumberland Strait.

The combination of storm surge and high tides could be devastating. Those who remember the destruction by Hurricane Dorian will note the conditions with Fiona are lining up in a similar fashion regarding storm surge.

The surge will be attacking the Northumberland Strait overnight tonight. High tide for Pugwash is expected at 10:34 on Saturday morning. It is that confluence that is most worrisome.

While the area may not be impacted with the winds and rain first thought, the area is not immune to Fiona’s repercussions.

Power outages are a main concern and the source of such outages does not have to be local to impact the immediate area.

Six Rivers news urges all residents to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Monitor this page for local alerts and cancellations. You’ll find up-to-date information on our Storm Watch, and if circumstances warrant, we will staff the Six Rivers Radio Network for live reports, as long as helpful or necessary.

The map shows Fiona hitting further east of earlier projections, allowing a possible sigh of relief in Six Rivers to the Sea.

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