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The Harbourfest People Behind ’The Free’
Bill Martin
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The Harbourfest People Behind ’The Free’

They say, “There is no such thing as a free lunch,” and that is generally true. But when it comes to Pugwash Harbourfest, the price of admission for community events is usually “no charge.”

Does that mean the events are free? Not on your life! It means that the dedicated folks behind those events get very creative so the community can gather with the bills already paid.

The Pugwash Harbourfest Committee held its annual general meeting last night to discuss completion of another successful year and to begin plans for 2024 celebrations.

The group spends a great deal of time and effort — all year ‘round — sourcing grants and sponsors so that people can gather and celebrate the community. 

What began eighteen years ago as a summer weekend centred on Pugwash harbour activities that highlighted fishing, nautical, beach, and shoreline festivities, has become a source of community pride.

The homecoming celebration and day crammed with music and events has given way to concerts and functions throughout the year, including a now annual Community Christmas Dinner — few of which require any paid admission.

The executive committee behind the scenes remains unchanged as last night’s AGM re-elected Louise Haycocks as chair, Gillian Forward, vice-chair, Michael Forward, treasurer, and secretary Kirsteen Thomson.

The “worker bees” include people like Bruce Piers who finds the musical talent, Mike Cunningham who builds whatever needs to be built, and Jennifer Houghtaling, Dean Hunter, Rob Nowlan, Vicki Gillis, and Staci Fisher, who fill in all the blanks. It is a team like a fine-tuned engine.

While the financial report for the past year shows all obligations were met, it also suggests that Harbourfest has built a little reserve to begin work on the coming festivities which will start next month with the big cooperative Community Christmas Dinner at the Legion.

Look for next summer’s Harbourfest weekend to open with the Homecoming Dance at the curling club with music from the ever-popular Derailed 2.0, and Great Big Fish to headline the closing fireworks concert, fittingly at the Pugwash Harbourfront Centre.

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