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Vandals Strike Oxford Fire Training Facility
Mark Rushton
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Vandals Strike Oxford Fire Training Facility

Every community has its share of n’er-do-wells. The latest to rear their ugly side have impacted Oxford, and in particular, its volunteer fire department. 

The town and its volunteers are wondering what’s going on with an increase in vandalism and violence. 

From reports shared on social media of car windows being broken, a bucket of paint thrown on another vehicle, a group of youths repeatedly banging on windows and trying to kick in front doors, and allegations of assault against a teenager by a group of youths, we can now add vandalism of the Oxford Volunteer Fire Department’s training grounds. 

OVFD social media administrator Mark Dobson posted images, on the weekend, of damage done to the training grounds, where firefighters learn how to tackle vehicle fires and other techniques essential to saving lives. 

Dobson wrote, “Over the last several months we have had our locks cut off the gates numerous times. Vehicles we had for training were destroyed and/or burnt before we had a chance to use them.”  

Dobson added, “Our trailer on the lot has had the locks cut off numerous times. Along with hay bales being set on fire.”  

Plans to erect a fence have been put on hold because the fence posts have been stolen.

Dobson says, “We use everything in there to keep our skills up. It is very hard to get these things. As you all know we work on a very limited budget.”

Dobson issued a call for help from the public, “Please try and help us keep our training grounds secure. If you are out walking, take a look and make sure there is no trespassers. If you happen to notice something, please report it immediately!”

Add to these incidents, new allegations by the Town of Oxford that vandalism may be at the root of challenges faced by the Public Works Department in restoring water services following Hurricane Fiona last weekend. 

These concerns around public safety are likely to take centre stage on October 19th, when the Policing Services Review Committee holds a public meeting at Oxford’s Capitol Theatre. That meeting begins at 6:30 pm. 

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