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Village Debates Flowers and Playgrounds
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Village Debates Flowers and Playgrounds

The Pugwash Village Commission tussled over their limited resources tonight as the commissioners debated spending on flower boxes or playground equipment.

Communities in Bloom asked the commission to share fifty percent of the cost to replace the worn-out flower boxes, eleven in all, that grace the community downtown core during the summer.

The volunteer group proposed new boxes be built by clients of The Sunset Community, at a cost $4,070.

However, Commissioner Roger Mundle noted that the cost to service and water the planters is much higher. He noted that staff time and equipment wear and tear costs about $40 per day through the summer.

It is not the first time that Mundle raised the point. Every time the commission considers spending money on flowers, he would rather see some new playground equipment installed in Eaton Park. The village’s longest serving commissioner says, “We haven’t done anything for playground equipment since I’ve been on the Village Commission,” though it was noted that one swing was replaced a couple of years ago, though that was paid by Mundle.

The chair of the CiB, Maureen Leahy questioned whether the flowers are watered every day and the Village Clerk confirmed, “Every day and sometimes twice a day.”

A motion to pay up to $2,100 for new planters was approved, three votes for and one against.

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