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Wild Fires Out of Control in Nova Scotia
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Wild Fires Out of Control in Nova Scotia

Thousands of Nova Scotians have been ordered to evacuate their homes as wildfires rage in three separate regions of the province.

The most dangerous in the Upper Tantallon area, just outside Halifax, covers a wide swath of suburban homes, some of which are ablaze.

Similar concerns are growing in Conquerall Bank, near Bridgewater, and a rural area of Shelburne County around Clyde River.

Water bomber crews from New Brunswick and Newfoundland are helping in the battle to regain control.

Just last Wednesday, the Minister of Natural Resources was on Six Rivers Radio talking about the extreme danger of forest fires. Tory Rushton said the forest floor is littered with trees knocked down by Hurricane Fiona, offering easy fuel.

He said clean-up is critical but will take months, if not years.

Comfort stations have been set up in the Halifax area blaze and communities across the province are offering support to their neighbouring municipalities.

Meanwhile, Pugwash Fire Department was called out about 6:30 this morning to tend to an illegal burn along Highway 6.

Now is not the time for outdoor fires of any kind. 

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