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Six Rivers News is #1 in Tennessee
Bill Martin
/ Categories: News, Tech

Six Rivers News is #1 in Tennessee

Six Rivers News has been singled out by newspaper subscribers in Tennessee who object to having money taken from their bank accounts.

Two individuals demanded refunds for so-called monthly subscriptions. In one case it was $18 a month for two months, while the other was a modest $11.70 one time charge.

In both cases Six Rivers responded immediately pointing out that there is no charge for our online newspaper nor Six Rivers Radio. We showed our location as Six Rivers to the Sea in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, a long way from Tennessee.

However, we were concerned that a hacker may have been using our name to access bank accounts and siphon money to another account.

Six Rivers advised both people to contact their bank to ensure stop payments from their accounts. We were concerned the small withdrawals might be just testing the waters for a more substantial grab.

The first customer said it was his bank that identified Six Rivers News in Pugwash, Nova Scotia as the culprit. The man went on to say they did a Google search and it clearly showed Six Rivers in Pugwash and provided the address, email, and phone information to prove it.

After reading through, the man realized there was no charge and he went back to the bank for a second more detailed look. A little further down the Google search results was a listing for Six Rivers Media, the parent company of a group of area newspapers where the man did indeed have a monthly subscription.

After sighs of relief, the man apologized for the confusion. He was a subscriber to the Johnson City Press and had not recognized the parent company name on his bank statement.

The same was true for the lady who contacted us this week.

We are pleasantly surprised that Google ranks our effort as number one as far away as Eastern Tennessee. It is not part of our coverage area, but as an online news service it apparently is part of our reach.

To our new found friends in Tennessee we say, “Come see us in Nova Scotia. Y’all have a great day!”

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